C++ PCH heap memory limit error (UE4)

If you’re getting the dreaded “compiler limit: internal heap limit reached” and the corresponding “Failed to create virtual memory for PCH” then you can use the /ZmXXXX switch to increase the heap memory allocated to precompiled header (PCH) compilation. Luckily, it’s very easy to do in UE4, just put this …in your target.cs: WindowsPlatform.PCHMemoryAllocationFactor = […]

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Speed up IntelliSense for C++ in Visual Studio

Here are my settings to speed Visual Studio and in particular IntelliSense up for C++ development. They should make working with C++ in large codebases more responsive and faster (I’m using them with the Unreal Engine 4 source build). Note: Automatic Precompiled Header Cache Quota is the amount of space you let VS use up […]

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HLSL template support in UE4

The DirectX 12 compiler DXC has received a PR about a month ago that adds template support to HLSL. So you can now do this: Which is great since that’s all going to happen at compile time and so the compiler will be able to unroll the loop correctly. This, coupled with UE4’s shader permutation […]

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Improve linking times by an order of magnitude in UE4

The following requires a source-built Unreal Engine 4, launcher builds won’t work. Ever wanted to improve linking times by x10? What you need is incremental linking! Incremental linking as the name suggests only links files that have changed since the last time linking was done, which in my particular case means that 2766 source files […]

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Script to build everything in Unreal Engine 4

There comes a time in every self-respecting game developer’s life when they have to rebuild the entire engine along with the game they’re making. This usually happens when installing the latest version of Visual Studio that came with compiler improvements to MSVC. What you typically want to do is ensure that everything gets recompiled properly […]

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Sign in to Linux from Windows via Yubikey

Introduction If you’re as excited as me about signing into your Linux server from your Windows machine and completely ditching passwords and private keys stored on your computer in the process then this is the one and true guide for you!I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I’ve bought my first two Yubikey NEO […]

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