Custom Unit Formations

Ever grow tired of clicking like a maniac to organize your units into formation in an RTS? Now you can encircle enemies, stretch your army wide for defense or draw any shape you want and let the AI take care of the rest with custom formations!

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100k units in multiplayer

100k units in multiplayer. Custom DX12 rendering pipeline in UE4, custom netcode, pathfinding, movement. 1500 bytes/sec (1.5KB) of bandwidth. Deterministic lockstep P2P of the floating-point variety. Animation handled via compute shaders, pathfinding and movement are on the CPU.

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Control 100k units

Feels nice to be able to control 100k units in an RTS with way beyond 60 FPS! This update also adds collision.

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Instanced Skeletal Mesh in UE4

Wrote an instanced skeletal mesh renderer that can render up to a million units in UE4. Fully custom DirectX 12 rendering tech built in the engine, all GPU-based including animations, bone transforms and skinning.

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Giant Armies

For the past 3 months I’ve been busy full time with making a giant army renderer from the ground up in UE4 and it’s finally finished. It can render up to a million units 3x faster than stock Unreal Engine and is hopefully using many of the latest & greatest DirectX 12 tricks: single draw […]

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Instanced Indirect Rendering in UE4

Computes everything in compute shaders on the GPU, including LODs and frustum culling. No GPU-CPU stalls anymore, it’s faster than HISM or ISM. Since around 4.22 Epic has exposed indirect rendering via the RHI mostly because of Niagara, but this is a custom rendering component so there’s no overhead and is therefore faster where it […]

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