210 million vertices worth of army

Custom rendering + collision + navigation + multiplayer in UE4.

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Fast unit selection on the GPU

Fast unit selection on the GPU. Base pass writes unit id/color to custom G-buffer MRT, compute shader stream-compacts pixels to unit id buffer, post process draws outlines from color. Unit ids downloaded to CPU via async copy queue. 0.2ms @ 1080p

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Formation movement with obstacles

Movement in formation with intelligent slot selection and pathfinding with obstacles.

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Custom Unit Formations

Ever grow tired of clicking like a maniac to organize your units into formation in an RTS? Now you can encircle enemies, stretch your army wide for defense or draw any shape you want and let the AI take care of the rest with custom formations!

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100k units in multiplayer

100k units in multiplayer. Custom DX12 rendering pipeline in UE4, custom netcode, pathfinding, movement. 1500 bytes/sec (1.5KB) of bandwidth. Deterministic lockstep P2P of the floating-point variety. Animation handled via compute shaders, pathfinding and movement are on the CPU.

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Control 100k units

Feels nice to be able to control 100k units in an RTS with way beyond 60 FPS! This update also adds collision.

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