All the spaceships are running rudimentary AI with pathfinding and targeting.
6M triangles on average with 111 draw calls.
Spaceship: 3k tris @ LOD 0, 60 tris @ LOD 3
Laser projectile 16 tris, no LODs
Using a tricked out hierarchical instanced static mesh component (ships) and instanced static mesh component (lasers).
Laser transformation happens in the vertex shader on the GPU, spaceships on the CPU.
FPS is 200 – 130 depending on fleet to camera distance on a GTX 780, resolution is 1440p, 2560×1440.
Using an ECS-like system on the CPU.
The video hitches sometimes because of the recording software, no hitches “in game”. UE 4.22

This has been a couple of weeks’ work so far and now I can finally focus on making this part of a bad ass space battle system!