Very short guide on getting the Substance Plugin to work with UE 4.22 until Allegorithmic release an updated version.

Copy the substance plugin over from an earlier engine version, e.g. from 4.21. It normally resides under \Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Substance\
Edit SubstanceEngine.Build.cs which you may find under \Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Substance\Source\SubstanceEngine\SubstanceEngine.Build.cs

Find this line:

IEnumerable<FileReference> projectfiles = UProjectInfo.AllProjectFiles;

and replace it with this:

IEnumerable<FileReference> projectfiles = UnrealBuildTool.NativeProjects.EnumerateProjectFiles();

Then, edit \Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Substance\Source\SubstanceEditor\SubstanceEditor.Build.cs
Find all mentions of ShaderCore and replace it with RenderCore

That’s it!